Raw, unfiltered

My take on life, love, pain, sex, trust , healing , growth and everything in between!

Hey there ,I’m Erika. I’m here to give power to my voice, this voice I’ve always had. Although not always shared with others. Maybe because of fear of judgment or rejection. I am an Aries through and through. This means I’m Fiery as hell, assertive, bold and some say wise beyond my years. I am not sure about the latter but I do know that I have learned so much from my life’s experiences and want to share that with you, and anyone who wants to listen.

I’ve been through some trials, some hurts, physical and emotional. Haven’t we all? But not everyone is brave enough to tell their story or their path. I want to be that brave. Brave to share not knowing what will come of it.

I’m not saying the stuff I’ve been through is harder than anyone else. We all have struggles. But what I have grown into over the past 2 years I am proud to be a woman who is Strong , resilient and honest to a fault.

So here it is. Raw, unfiltered. The real me. I am scared to share some of this because I don’t know the outcome. But what I do know is that I love to write and ponder over things I have read that resonate with me as well.

I appreciate you reading, and listening. Everyone should be heard.

So stay tuned. I keep things exciting I have been told!

Published by emiddleton88

I’m Erika! A 32 year old newly freed spirit. I’m Always learning from life experiences,healing one day at a time. Sharing my thoughts in hopes that it may resonate with others. Im a work in progress, and feel I always will be. Hoping to help others to keep an open mind and do all things with love.

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